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Bill de Blasio plans to approve Bernie Sanders

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who could not get enough of his own short-term presidential campaign, will approve the senator Bernie Sanders Vermont for “Democratic nomination”, according to people familiar with the plans.

Mr. De Blasio’s statement was still due to expire on Friday.

His choice reversed four years ago when he endorsed Hillary Clinton for Mr. Sanders, but that is not unexpected at all. He is he said last summer that in retrospect he believed Mr. Sanders would win the 2016 election if he ran.

It is also noteworthy that Mr de Blasio chose the favorable conclusion only now, after Mr Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire and strong performance in Iowa made him a clear leader in the nomination.

Mr. De Blasio was expected to meet with Mr. Sanders on Sunday and Monday in Nevada, Nevada, where they will appear together on the eve of events ahead of the February 22 election.

Mr. de Blasio and Mr. Sanders have spoken on several occasions since the mayor ended his presidential campaign in September.

The mayor also spent time at the 2018 Sanders Vacation Home in Vermont. Mr. Sanders swore to Mr. de Blasio at the inauguration as his second term as mayor.

Although Mr de Blasio was nominated for mayor and later as president on an almost non-progressive platform, he generally did not approve of the progressive rebels. He has not confirmed Zephyr teaching in 2014 or Cynthia Nixon in 2018 as they challenged Watermelon, Andrew M. To the left of Cuomo. Neither confirmed Tiffany Cabin last year in the Queens County Bar, as Mr. Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren Both of them did in Massachusetts.

Mr. De Blasio’s support adds to Mr. Sanders’ signature list, which includes many trade unions and issues, as well as Representatives Alexandria Okazio-Cortez New York, Ilhan Omar Minnesota and Rashida Tlieb From Michigan.

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