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Kobe Bryant Memorial Tickets For Sale Up To $ 224

Fans hoping to attend official late memorial Star Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in Los Angeles this month will have a hard time getting tickets, and they may have to spend big sums.

A “limited number of tickets” will be sold to the public on Tuesday for $ 224 each before the February 24 event in Staples Center, according to Friday. New release From the Lakers.

Gianna, 13, and Kobe, who retired in 2016 after the 20-year Lakers championship, died with seven other people on January 26 in a helicopter crash outside Los Angeles.

There was no immediate information on the total number of tickets to be sold to the public. Tickets will be priced in three layers: $ 224 for one, $ 224 for two or $ 24.02 for one. (Kobe played wearing the number 24 jersey for the last ten years of his career; Gianna, who also played basketball, wore the number 2.) The rest of the tickets are for friends, family, and members of the American basketball club. social communication.

Although it was announced that the proceeds from ticket sales would go to Bryants Recently renamed Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, there was a quick reaction on social media against all of the decision Ticket fees And the cost From the upper class tickets, which many consider expensive.

In a clear attempt to eliminate scalping or reselling commemorative tickets, they will be non-transferable and non-refundable. Fans will have to register for Verified Fan’s TicketMaster to get a chance to purchase tickets, which will be on mobile only. There will be a two-ticket purchase limit.

The area surrounding Staples Center will be closed, including the surrounding streets and L.A. Nearby Live, a large outdoor plaza with massive video screens and restaurants, is in front of the ticketless people to the memorial. Lakers also said that the memorial will not be shown on public video screens there.

It will be broadcast by Spectrum SportsNet, which broadcasts Lakers games in Southern California, and ESPN and NBA TV are expected to feature parts or memorials, although these plans have not yet been announced.

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