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When a strange political couple fights in America, those sparks are real

Politics was the least bruising at the time. In 2005, Mrs. Conway collaborated with Selinda Lake, Democrat Polls, to write a book on How American Women Wipe Out Political Lines. By reputation, Mrs. Conway was smart and emotional, the type who remembers birthdays and weddings.

Conways now has four children: Twins, George IV and Claudia, 15; Charlotte, 11; Vanessa 10 and a pair of Corgis, Skipper and Bonnie, Mr. Conway nickname She is worried and upset after the terms Senator Susan Collins, Maine, used to describe her reaction to Mr. Trump’s behavior.

Friends say that the Conways family are staying together for the sake of their children, although the couple is not always in the same city. Mr. Conway spent a lot of time last year in New York before leaving his company, while Mrs. Conway stayed in Washington, as Trump’s crowd scorned her husband.

In November, Mr. Conway attended “Resistance” concert at Molly Jong Fast’s apartment in New York, author and daughter Erika Jung. Comedian Cathy Griffin Post a picture On Instagram Mr. Conway is hiding lightly behind the liberal journalist Soledad O’Brien. Nearby was Jan Carroll, the author who accused Mr Trump of rape, and Philip Rains, Hillary Clinton.

In Washington, Conway tends to collapse in his home office, write opinion articles and fire on Twitter. In the July article titled “Trump is a racist president” Wrote The first time he hears someone telling his mother, who immigrated from the Philippines, “Go home.”

The gap between the channel slowly developed before it turned into a gap. After Mr. Trump’s victory, Conways jumped to Washington with both feet, buying a 15,000 square foot home with eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. “Kellyanne Conway just bought this $ 8 million mansionTown & Country, through Mr. Conway’s legal partnership, accounts for most of the couple’s fortunes of about $ 40 million.

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