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Opinion Lin’s progressive narrows

If Mrs. Warren is progressive in advanced politics, Bernie Sanders is progressive in the war revolution. Much of his appeal, dating back to his 2016 presidential presidency, lies in his cruel prowess that I am not here to make friends with. For voters flocking to battle – whether against Mr. Trump, the Democratic Foundation, 1 per cent – Mr. Sanders has become a hero of worship.

But many Democrats fear that the Social Democrat and its noisy revolutionaries will enter the second Trump state. This is especially true of the moderates, who see Mr. Sanders so far from the mainstream that he will pull other Democrats to the polls. For most of this race, Mr. Sanders remained in the shadows of Mrs. Warren, considered it so divisive that he could not be the bearer of a nervous party to which he did not belong.

But as Mrs. Warren faded, Mr. Sanders fostered progression behind him, while the moderates remained divided between multiple contenders. After a narrow loss in Iowa to Pete Pottageg (at least the last time), Mr. Sanders scored a strong victory in New Hampshire, which is on the borders of his original state. The victory was far from overwhelming, beating Mr. Bottegg at less than 2 percentage points. But it was enough to make him the default candidate.

If he wants to lead the entire Democratic Party, Mr. Sanders needs to find a way to get beyond his primary supporters and reassure the moderates who fear a disaster in the general election.

This is not a small challenge, in part because of his passion – some may say a frenzied – follower. The so-called Bernie Bruce has a bad reputation on social media for mistreating those who dare criticize their man, Threatening and issuing threats Against dissenting organizations and individuals.

Fighting spins along these lines in Nevada, whose gatherings on February 22 come on the primary calendar. Organized work is a powerful force in the country, thanks to the legions of workers who keep casinos and buzz hotels. Recently, the Union of Culinary Workers of the State issued a Pilot Determine the positions of the candidates on the main issues. Under health care, they pointed out that Mr. Sanders’ plan would “end” the hard-won benefits the union has achieved.

This did not sit well with Bernie Bruce, who reported that the union “fiercely attacked” its members through unsightly emails, calls, and tweets. The Federation issued a statement condemning the behavior. Bernie fans turned up the heat, blaming Union presidents, and The mediaPolitical The elites And the The rest of the democratic sphere Controversial.

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