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Ads in Spanish by Obama Kameos. Democratic Advertising in Nevada and South Carolina

(Michael R. Bloomberg, a former New York billionaire mayor, does not compete with Nevada or South Carolina, but his state-of-the-art advertising means his ads are being viewed in both states.)

FIND IT $ 902,477 total, $ 430,751 over the last two weeks

BUTTIGEG: Total – $ 1,024,155, $ 923,190 over the last two weeks

CLUBS: Over the last 2 weeks – $ 365,233

SANDERS: Total $ 1,811,125, $ 949,232 over the last two weeks

STEYER: Total $ 13,845,560, $ 1,695,095 over the last two weeks

PROTECTION $ 1,060,284 total, $ 507,177 over the last two weeks

VOTEVET: $ 589,100 over the last two weeks

DEMOCRATIC BAMBLE FOR ISRAEL $ 461,397 over the last two weeks

For Israel, the super-democratic process, which has spent about $ 1 million on negative publicity attacks on Sanders in Iowa, has bought $ 460,000 in Nevada. Founder of the group said last month that Mr Sanders was in “the only bad spot” to win the general election.

And the magnificent PAC, backed by Mr. Buttigig of Vivvets, just launched a $ 590,000 dollar advertising campaign in Nevada.

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