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How did it become the worst history of my life?

For years after that, when I came back with my husband, my friends (who were following their classmates) had to hear me tell the story of that most puzzling history, a cautionary story about trusting your first experience, which was broken down to: If you’re not excited to see the man again , Cut your losses. continue.

After more than two decades, here I attacked my base, and I agree to go out on the second date when the first one did nothing for me. Surely this one was also flat. We did not implement the topics, but our conversation about the extent of “The Maid’s Tale”, which are endless university tours for our children and the slope of the metro, felt general.

Not to say that there was nothing about Rich, a smart and gentle man who was not simply as sexy as his buzz personality. But since I don’t feel chemistry, why waste time? In our time, who has time to waste?

She relentlessly deviated from a question about stocks: “Have you done a lot of online dating?”

“Yes, Since Talani, he said. “I met my ex-husband with an ad, before the internet, at The New York Press. You may not have heard it.”

“Huh!” I said. “In fact, I went on the worst date of my life thanks to that newspaper.” I told him about the man who seemed to want me to be rejected because he was We had so much in common, so full of body language and expression that I didn’t want to see him again. “When he called to ask me to make another appointment, to see the Spalding Gray show, I hadn’t prepared an excuse, so I pretended I was back with my husband.”

“I made this?” Rich said, apparently bothered.

“But it turns out that this is true!” I said. “Soon after, my ex-husband and I agreed to try again. So, happy ending, for a while, at least. Although I’m sorry I missed Spalding Gray.”

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