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The state of Iowa has declared it mentally disqualified in race-and-run situations related to race

A woman from Iowa faces two counts of attempted murder in December of beating attacks on two children – including one who police said targeted a girl because she appeared to be “Mexican” – who were sentenced to a trial incompetence.

A Polk County judge declared that the 42-year-old woman, Nicole Marie Paul Franklin, was unsound, according to court files.

Mrs. Franklin was also charged with a hate crime in a separate episode, which the authorities said took place between the 9 December attacks. They said that Mrs. Franklin shouted racist nicknames with a small shop employee and a client in West Des Moines.

Law enforcement officials described all three attacks as racially motivated. The authorities said that the first victim to escape fled was a 12-year-old boy.

A public lawyer has requested an assessment of the competency of Mrs. Franklin, whose court records show extensive criminal record and history of mental illness.

The attorney general, Matthew S., did not reply. Shelly, Attorney General in the Case, Polk County Attorney John P. Sarkoni, immediately on requests for comment Wednesday night.

The nature of Mrs. Franklin’s mental illness was not immediately clear. Des Moines’ record stated that Mrs. Franklin, a resident of Des Moines, He will undergo treatment At the Iowa Medical and Classification Center.

To judge incompetent Under Iowa law, The defendant must have a mental disorder that prevents the person “from assessing the charge or understanding the procedures or assistance effectively in defense”.

Later, a qualified person can be announced before a licensed doctor or psychiatrist at the doctoral level.

The judge suspended legal proceedings against Mrs. Franklin until April 21, when she will hold another hearing on her mental health condition.

Franklin said that Mrs. Franklin made the headlines in December when she drove her jeep Cherokee to a 14-year-old girl who was walking on the sidewalk to a high school in the Des Moines suburb of Cliff, police said there.

The girl suffered a concussion and bruising that required her to be hospitalized, according to local KCCI television station, which I met the victim. She came out later.

Mrs. Franklin told investigators that she had targeted the girl because she looked “Mexican”, the police said. Michael J. said Vinma, the chief of police in Clive, has made derogatory comments on Latinos.

About an hour ago, Mrs. Franklin hit a 12-year-old boy walking on the sidewalk in the Des Moines apartment complex. Witnesses told police that the University of Southern California accelerated just before the crash, which officials said left the boy with minor injuries.

In the period between operational attacks and differences, Mrs. Franklin fell into a coma at a Conoco store in West Des Moines. In addition to the crime of hate, she was accused of general poisoning and theft.

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