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Searching for clues in Hawaii after a tourist husband is infected with the Corona virus

“I plan to go out to dinner with my girlfriend tonight, unless things change, especially since I wrote my book from the Hawaiian Ministry of Health to continue my daily routine,” said Mr. Fujiwara.

Janice Okobo, a spokeswoman for the Hawaiian Ministry of Health, said the man who was confirmed to have the virus “is not believed to have had any close and extensive contact with Hawaiian residents,” but health officials are continuing to investigate.

Dr. Sarah Park, a state epidemiologist, said the man was most likely exposed to the virus before leaving Japan or while traveling to Hawaii. He and his wife, who also confirmed on Saturday of the virus, but had no symptoms while in Hawaii, arrived in Maui on January 28. The man was also symptom-free in Maui, but after the couple moved to Honolulu, Ohio, on February 3, he started showing signs of a cold.

A spokeswoman for Hilton Grand Vacations, who runs the hotel and the time share where the couple stayed in Waikiki, said the company was working with health officials. A sliding letter under the door of vacationers’ rooms provided advice on how to prevent HIV infection and handwashing among them.

Officials said that the man who contracted the disease was wearing a mask while he was abroad and during the flight back to Japan, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, and later he was infected with Coronavirus, after returning to the couple’s home in Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it might be possible to transmit the virus before signs of the disease appear, but it is more likely that a person will spread when symptoms appear.

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