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Nevada Expects to Demand 2020 Race as Clash of Democrats

LAS VEGAS – Nevada has message for Iowa and New Hampshire. We don’t think you think you have narrowed the Democratic field. We will do our own business.

This state, which will host its groups on Saturday, will be more than two varied who have so far held contests for the presidency, a tradition of decisively muddy or hopefully severed hopes, in winter, the rural areas of Iowa and New Hampshire shape what follows.

“I don’t think Iowa or New Hampshire reflect America,” says Jon Onathan Quite, who works at the Strip Casino and volunteers for the former vice president. R. Ozfe R. Biden Junior “I think they are small, white-bread communities without diversity.”

The transition to a more diverse electorate brings with it a greater focus on race issues, and for candidates like Mr Biden, as well as challenges. Pete Butigigg, Former mayor of South Bend, Indonesia and senator Amy Clobucharwho have so far shown little disagreement with the draw.

The crowd at Tropicana in Las Vegas on Saturday night at the Clark County Democratic Party gala was ready to pay $ 150 for dinner and suits and cocktails. Six leading presidential candidates spoke, and Mr. Biden seemed to have. the room. He has spoken out loud about Obama administration achievements while criticizing Senator Bernie SandersA health plan to end private insurance for unions struggling.

In an interview broadcast on Sunday, Mr Biden followed up with Mr Sanders, the popular vote winner in Iowa and New Hampshire, more clearly indicating the value of the Medicare for all proposal.

“He has never done anything,” Mr Biden told NBC’s “Meet the Press” competitor.

“I mean he has been talking about health, Medicare for all, universal health for 35 years,” Mr Biden said. “Nothing happened. I helped pass Obamacare. I helped her move forward. I got the votes. “

Mr. Saunders donates a large portion of his dinner in Clark County, where 75 percent of the state’s population is attacked. Michael R. Bloombergincluding his record as mayor of New York. Mr. Sanders condemned Mr Bloomberg, who was not present on the ballot on February 22, for “stopping and overthrowing racist politics”, a police tactic that was criticized for being disproportionate to its color, and for which Mr. Bloomberg apologized.

Reflecting on Mr. Bloomberg’s growing influence, which grows more widely on March 3 in 14 states, Mr. Biden and Mrs. Clobuchar also spent the following Sunday as a free-spirited billionaire, stopping by for slowness and reports. his sexist hints. “The thing is that $ 60 billion can buy you a lot of advertising, but that can’t erase your record,” Mr Biden told Meet the Press.

Ms Klobuchar told CNN’s State of the Union: “I don’t think you should be able to hide from the airwaves and the huge advertising cost.”

Mr Bloomberg’s growing presence as a wild-card candidate around left-wing voters reflects Mr Biden’s sluggish growth since he finished fifth in New Hampshire and fourth in Iowa.

But the former vice president and his supporters continue to hope. Mr. When asked about her despair, Kuwait was defenseless. “No. At All. “

Public opinion polls in Nevada are scarce. But there are some signs that Mr Biden might find at least a partial firewall that he needs here for Saturday’s campaign announcements. “There can be no democratic candidate, no one without Latinos and African Americans to hear and hear aloud,” he said Saturday night. The state is roughly 30 percent Latin American and 10 percent black, and has a fast-growing Asian-American population.

In addition to Nevada’s greater diversity, its residents have witnessed far fewer candidate visits, nor have they been the focus of national news for a year, as have Iowa and New Hampshire residents.

The more transient population of the state, many of which are separated from their neighbors and concentrated on jobs, are less likely to perceive political news.

As always as Mr Biden’s universal recognition has kept him in the national polls for months, he seems to enjoy that term in the state.

At the same time, the support that Mr. Sanders has securely finished second in the country’s 2016 election commissions is very unavailable.

Essika Slovakia, the nanny who applied to Mr. Sanders was still by his side as he waited for long weekends in a crowd of early arrivals in Las Vegas, where other Sanders supporters were rocking an electric guitar and singing together. to Bern’s Needs.

Her husband, Jace Slovak, who was standing by and also supporting Mr Sanders, said he was not as extreme as his competitors, and the media portrayed him. But Ms Slovak disagreed.

“I personally think she’s as far as you can go,” he said. “It’s for the better. And I’m going to vote in my heart for the person I think will be the best for us. “

Rebecca Ruiz participated in the talk.

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