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The next hurdle to Bernie Sanders: The Nevada Supreme Federation hated “healthcare for all”

But his general allusion to “all campaigns” only angered some union leaders, who, like many rank and file members, are colorful women. Mrs. Argulo Klein said she hoped that Mr. Sanders would have spoken sooner to help quell the threats.

“He understands the world we live in, where gunfire can happen at any time in a church, school or casino – that is the environment in which we live,” she said.

Ari Rabin Haft, a senior aide to Mr. Sanders, has refused to discuss how the Culinary Union’s opposition could affect the state’s campaign, saying only that the Senator “is highly respected by them.”

By Saturday, though, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. took advantage of NBC’s “press interview”, condemning the “wicked, malicious, and abusive” statements made by supporters of Sanders even when Senator aides referred to his comment that “anyone carrying out personal attacks against anyone in my name” Not part of our movement. “

In Nevada, the response to Mr. Sanders’ position on medical care for all also shows a split between his two bases – union members and young Latinos. Many local hospitality federations have endorsed Mr. Sanders, and Latin Americans often cite his health care plan as a major reason for their support.

Even among members of the culinary union, there is pressure from quiet support for Mr. Sanders. In interviews with several union members over the weekend, many of them said they supported Mr. Sanders regardless of what the union leadership says. Some said they felt uncomfortable with their jobs because leaving meant losing coverage, and they wanted family members to get care as well. “I think his medical plan is really good, and I think it is good for everyone,” said Laura Alvarez, 44, a housekeeper in Aria, who voted at the start of the conference in Union Hall on Saturday. We deserve to have a good medical plan. If it would be for everyone, I think it would be the best thing we could get. “

Even when the leaders of the culinary union criticize Mr. Sanders, their decision not to support the pioneering alternative may only have helped him – a fact that has angered some of Mr. Biden’s prominent supporters in Nevada.

If no single competitor emerged for Mr. Sanders in the days leading up to the caucuses, Nevada could issue the disorganized or narrow verdict of their predecessor in Iowa and New Hampshire, a result that would benefit Mr. Sanders.

Nevada politics veterans say this seems partially more likely due to the presence of a candidate who has spent more than $ 10 million in TV advertising here but was the least factor in the first two states: Mr. Steyr.

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