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Opinion Why don’t we know which Democratic candidate can beat Trump?

Women have led the electoral victories of the Democrats, but many Democratic voters are nonetheless convinced that women cannot beat Mr. Trump. One story after another documents Democratic voters – both men and women – who express the view that women cannot win. This may explain the poor results so far of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. But by multiple measures, Democratic voters love it widely, second only to Mr. Biden in The Economist. Measurement Who studies voters? Its position on marquee policy, a two-year wealth tax on income greater than $ 50 million, and polls is 63 percent, including 55 percent of independents and 57 percent of Republicans.

Women led the resistance to Mr. Trump: The woman’s march is probably the largest protest demonstration in American history, and increased support from women led to a “blue wave” in mid-2018. In many elections, women candidates Excel Men: Among Democrats, “female candidates in 2018 are more likely to defeat male candidates than vice versa,” according to Vox’s Ella Nielsen reports.

Big companies love politics because sums of up to change in big industries buy big clout in Washington. Mr. Bloomberg invests unknown amounts in his race – he has more employees than any other campaign, and his ads are ubiquitous. This spending has quickly increased his survey numbers.

But there could be diminishing returns on spending: in 2016, Hillary Clinton Mr. Trump got angry three to one – What a pity. Mr. Bloomberg Disorganized Record: Speaking at the 2004 Republican Conference, Praising George W. Bush and his war on terror. Its brutal and discriminatory “stop and arrest” system was shocked by a federal court as it violated the civil rights of its victims. His presence goes beyond Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Warren’s message that billionaires are buying our democracy. He could win enough delegates to be a player in a disputed convention, but he is unlikely to win a majority – and if the Democratic Party gives a nomination to a billionaire to support Mr. Bush, it may also strike a large portion of Democratic space voters and hand over Mr Trump to his re-election.

So far, white voters have underestimated their views. The former Mayor of Peteighigh House in South Bend, Indiana, and Senator Amy Kloppuchar from Minnesota are grappling with black voters, polling 4 and 0 percent, respectively, in the latest Quinnipiac Survey. Their records are troubling. Mr. Buttigieg oversaw the sharp drop In a number of black police officers, both the black police chief and fire chief were expelled, and his handling of the policeman to shoot a black man sparked anger and anger among the black population. For her part, Ms. Klobuchar cited as an example of her strict approach to crime during her tenure as a district prosecutor that resulted in the wrongful condemnation of a black teenager. Sunny Hostin, a former prosecutor and co-host of “The View”, described the case as “one of the most flawed investigations and flaws I think I’ve ever seen.” But both were pushed forward because the white voters made up all the votes cast so far.

Depending on the state of Iowa, turnout is down – except that it may be, depending on New Hampshire. Moderate candidates are more likely to vote, based on a study by congressional candidates – except that the leftist may also be more likely to be elected, according to Barack Obama’s 2008 dominant victory after defeating Hillary Clinton for the nomination. Twitter is not a real fact, dependent on the formation of democratic voters – except when it is, forecasting the fall of Mr. Biden and the rise of Mr. Sanders. There is a warm, progressive and temperate – except in the absence of it, where Ms. Klobuchar’s increase in New Hampshire has elicited voters from both Ms. Warren and Mr. Biden.

The last time Democrats toppled a Republican post was in 1992, when we nominated the man who had to continue “60 minutes” During the primaries to reject credible allegations of unbelief who did not win a single state until Tuesday. President Bill Clinton went to win 370 electoral votes. The last time we won the popular majority was when we nominated the black man who confessed to using cocaine, who was caught on tape calling people from the “bitter” white working class who “cling to arms and religion”, and who sat upside down with the priest who declared, “God damn America” . Mr. Obama continued to win 365 electoral votes, holding states like Indiana.

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