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They escaped from an affected ship, but the main flight was not a haven

His wife, Melanie, left on one of the charter flights. “I’m happy for her because she got out of here and that she will get some attention in the United States,” said Mr. Haring, who retired in November and was almost a third during a six-month trip around the world. “But at the same time I’m sad. You feel the loss of someone leaving.”

Mr. Hayring, who said he no longer had any symptoms or fever, but a CT scan showed signs of pneumonia, said he was unsure of how long he would need to stay.

He said: “They have scanned me today again, and I will resume testing tomorrow.” I asked the doctor if the swab was showing that I am negative, and he just shook his head and said “I don’t know”, there are a lot of things that they don’t know.

Mr. Heering said that he had not heard from anyone at Princess Cruises, the company that runs Diamond Princess, since he arrived at the hospital. As of Sunday, he had not heard from anyone at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, either.

He received a call and a follow-up email urging him to contact the cruise company for more information on how he got home.

“It is very scary,” he said. “It looks like a bit of a give up.”

Tong Bi Lee, 79, a retired doctor, was left in a Tokyo hospital with a Coronavirus infection, while his wife Angela traveled to California on a charter flight. Many of her brothers and husbands were among the 14 injured passengers who fled to their homes. Two were transferred to Nebraska, and the other was in California for treatment.

“I am glad that my aunt and uncles are in the United States and that I receive treatment here,” said Joan LaRoche, one of Mr Lee’s daughters. “If they had been left in Japan, I would wonder what would have happened to them.”

Trying to coordinate her father’s care in Tokyo with her siblings in the United States, she said, “It looks like an endless nightmare.”

Motoku Rik report from Tokyo and Edward Wong from Philadelphia. Hisako Ueno, Eimi Yamamitsu and Makiko Inoue contributed to writing reports from Tokyo, and Chris Cameron from Washington contributed.

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