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A 6-year-old boy is being held in a mental health center for two days without the mother’s consent

“It’s okay,” the MP says in the video. “There is nothing wrong with her.”

The district said that the officers in the video were not present “during the events that prompted the school to contact the child’s guidance” or when the health counselor was “interfering with the student.”

Mrs. Falk, a customer service representative, said that when she arrived at “River Point Behavioral Health”, around 11:30 am, she was told that her daughter was being held for 48 hours. She said that she was not allowed to see Nadia until 6:30 that night. When she saw her, Mrs. Falk said the girl had been drugged in a secluded room.

“I was crying, I was hysterical, I was angry,” Ms. Falk, 31, recalled, adding that she was able to bring her daughter home at noon on February 6. “I don’t think it should have been Baker’s act. Why did they feel this was necessary?”

Ms. Falk said that Nadia, whom she described as vulnerable to explosions and seizures, suffers from hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit in addition to a disability called a delay in global growth. She said she joined Nadia at Love Grove Elementary, which has a group of about 420 students, because of her services to children with special needs.

Reganel J. said. Reeves, Mrs. Falck’s lawyer, said that the family intends to blame the school district for the emotional stress that the girl and her mother have suffered.

On Monday, Mr. Reeves said, “We have made them aware and intend to take legal action.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Falck said that Nadia is now enrolled in another school.

“We try to get everything back as natural as possible,” said Ms. Falk. “We keep.”

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