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Encinitas, California: Beach town where prices rise with tides

Earlier this month, the city opened a night parking facility for homeless residents living in their cars on the territory of Leichtag Commons, an affiliate of Leichtag, a non-profit Jewish organization. The Safe parking program, Led by Encinitas, hosted by the Leichtag Foundation and operated by the Jewish Family Service in San Diego, is the first of its kind in North San Diego County. This initiative also faced reversion in society.

Charlene Seidel, Leichtag’s Executive Vice President, said almost everyone who uses the quantity lives or works in Encinitas. “This is a society that must act to make a difference, not just talk about it,” she said.

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“When I was in high school, downtown Encinitas had a laundry room, a movie theater, a dining couple, and two funky little shops on the beach. Dane Soderberg, 41, a real estate agent who grew up in Encinitas, said that now is where I go at night. Mr. Soderberg’s father, surf maker and film director Steve Soderburg, still lives in the city. “Encinitas maintained a culture of surfing and its laid-back heritage while its real estate market and retail space showed significant improvement.”

Encinitas has seen tangible development over the past two decades, including the construction of the planned Encinitas Ranch community of 500 homes, as well as shopping at major restaurants and the nearby restaurant chain. (The only movie theater, La Paloma, is almost 100 years old.)

Peter Kasperson, 39, moved to Encinitas with his wife Chelsea in 2009, just before the couple’s marriage. The kids were already thinking, and Encinitas – with its good schools and great beaches – felt the right choice. (The couple now has two children, ages 5 and 7).

“I don’t think you can do better than Encinitas,” said Mr. Caspersen, a real estate agent who specializes in coastal communities in San Diego. My wife was happy in a shoebox as close to the beach as possible. I love the beach myself, and the coastal life. “

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