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Iran remains on the blacklist for combating terrorism, and ongoing sanctions

The world’s largest anti-terrorist watchdog group voted on Friday to keep Iran on its blacklist for failing to tackle terrorist financing at home and extend international sanctions at a time when the country hoped to compensate for its faltering economy through trade with Europe.

The Financial Action Group, a Paris-based watchdog group, gave Iran a February deadline to approve anti-terrorism legislation or remain on the blacklist. Although the Iranian parliament passed the legislation, a supreme religious body voted for it.

The blacklist will complicate Iranian plans to avoid US sanctions by engaging with European countries instead. France, Britain and Germany have said they will continue to deal with Iran as long as the country is out of the FIFA blacklist.

As a way to avoid, but not violate, US sanctions, European countries have linked a new channel of unconventional trade with Iran in accordance with the “F” rules. The United States canceled its nuclear agreement with Iran in 2018 and reimposed crippling sanctions that exceeded oil exports and caused missile inflation. .

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