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Third-Party Messaging Apps To Get A Limit On Apple’s iOS

Third-Party Messaging Apps To Get A Limit On Apple’s iOS

In a new report, Apple will restrict what third messaging party apps can do in the background on its cellular platform.

In the present model of iOS, VoIP-primarily based messaging apps run within the background so that they will retrieve new messages and join calls more rapidly. However, in iOS 13, these apps will solely be allowed to run within the background during VoIP calls.

Apple is presenting the change as being privacy-friendly: Along with messaging and name-associated capabilities, these apps can acquire data whereas operating in the background too. And a few apps—most notably Facebook WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, and WeChat—consume a lot of data that use the iPhone’s battery life egregiously.

Facebook has denied utilizing background processing for data assortment.

The changes to the upcoming iOS releases aren’t insignificant, but information reporters are constantly trying to get in conversation with Apple Inc for comments on the issue. To be clear, Apple is utilizing the PushKit VoIP API to deliver a world-class, personal messaging experience, not for the aim of consuming data.

Regardless, the change is anticipated to dramatically affect these apps that do depend on Apple’s VoIP know-how to connect Internet-based calls. And whereas the difference goes into effect in September with the release of iOS 13, these apps may have till April 2020 to confirm.

With Apple, one should at all times question the motive, mainly since its iMessage service competes with these apps. This modification is privacy-friendly and should assist with battery life. However, why can’t Apple merely limit pointless data assortment by way of its VoIP APIs?

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