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Alanis Morissette’s troubled song, 10 new songs

“Smiling” was written for the playwright of Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”, and it seems so, with his theatrical direction and ominous little verses, but it’s also easy to imagine becoming a powerful musical moment that remembers some of Pink’s most emotional songs, you’ll Morissette is touring this spring to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Jagged” and to release her first album on May 1 in eight years, which includes “Smiling”). On Broadway, the new song stars one of the hottest scenes on the show, “Groundhog Day” of housework and toil – shopping for food and opiates – represented in slow motion. Sung here by Morissette, it is still an explicit document of an elusive life slipping away. Karen Ganz

Small frictions from the summit of an ongoing relationship, calm down and continue to shine in “Lilex” from “St. Cloud”, the next album by Waxahachie scheduled for late March. It is a popular rush tune, with a sensitive two-verse patch, and Katie Crashfield examines every possible minor inconsistency as she scales her own obsession. Instead of a happy ending, there is a tentative account: “If my bones were made of fine sugar / I wouldn’t end up anywhere without you.” John Barrels

Everything stays two and a half minutes away from “Switched Off” by Oliver Malcolm, a 20-year-old studio man who already has a series of production credits. Drums pile up toward the tunes, some of the severed guitars that pick up that tone and Malcolm’s voice is moan shook as he complains, “These days, I don’t know who my friends are.” An elaborate clip from Gettysburg’s title is not reassuring. PARELES

A couple of delightful tricks revive “Yes!”: A loud surfing guitar streak and a charming whistle outline remembers Juelz’s “There It Go (The Whistle Song)”. Kyle may be the only rapper who can withdraw these selections – he’s cute, melodic, soft-touch and a little anxious. Rich the Kid and K Camp try to keep going, but it’s Kyle Beach Party. John Karamanica

Avalanche slows down the usual dough for mania and calms the paradox in “We’ll always love you”. It is an abundance of longing. Dev Hynes is enraged with astonishment by the dream of another life, but he is afraid that he will leave his home, and Smokey Robinson defends the loss of someone (“every day we live like a week”) and the Roaches, of all people, present the choir. The texture is dense, but mood – not flaunting – prevails. PARELES

Rock tense song finds her legs fast, like Tom Beatty on TV on the radio, from the Nashville Trio album on April 3, “Celebration.” GANZ

Cabane is a project of the Belgian composer, Thomas Jeanne Henry, with independent popular affiliations. His singers include Will Oldham (Bonnie “Prince” Bailey). “Take Me Home (Part 2)” is a light-skinned atmosphere of a song, with two glimmers of Leonard Cohen and Serge Ginsburg. Glittering vibration plate, dusty keyboard tones and fragile acoustic guitars shine behind Oldham’s totally imperfect metaphysical confession: “When darkness came, I vowed to stay / before I glide away silently.” PARELES

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