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Trump was angry at the return of passengers infected with coronaviruses to the United States

WASHINGTON – President Trump administration officials said that President Trump was angered by allowing 14 US citizens who tested positive for corona virus to return to the United States this week. The main decision, which is a “declared germ”, was taken by surprise.

State Department officials decided to return the citizens, who were quarantined aboard the Princess Princess diamond ship in Japan, after consulting with a senior official of the Department of Health and Human Services. But officials in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention objectIt is concerned that passengers, among the hundreds of Americans who are evacuated from the ship, could spread the virus. News organizations reported the decision on Monday, and passengers arrived in the United States that day.

Mr. Trump, angry that he had not seen the Americans who were found to have been infected, passed on his anger to Alex M. Azar II, Minister of Health and Human Services, and other senior officials. Then they alerted the White House inter-agency task force on the Coruna virus, which is supervised by Mr. Azar. One official said that Mr Trump sees closing the border to injured people as critical to maintaining the country’s safety and wants to be seen as an appropriate response management.

The task force’s senior State Department official is Stephen E. Pigeon, Deputy Secretary of State.

During the early stages of a four-day trip this week to the West Coast aimed at boosting his re-election efforts, Mr. Trump has paid close attention to Fox News’s coverage of the Diamond Princess who played on Air Force One.

Mr. Trump’s reaction has already begun to spread among officials Tuesday morning. Washington Post and Politico I mentioned it first On that Friday.

In 2014, during the Ebola crisis in Africa, Mr. Trump, then a private citizen, demanded that the Obama administration cancel flights and prevent anyone with the virus from entering the country – including American medical workers who went to Africa for assistance. “Keep it from here!” He wrote in a tweet on July 31 after he learned that an American medical worker would be evacuated to Atlanta from Liberia.

  • Updated February 22, 2020

    • Omaha Hospital, which has drawn attention to treating Ebola patients, is now playing a major role again.

    • One of the people who had been evacuated from Wuhan last week to San Diego had HIV, but was discharged from hospital due to a marking error.

    • The outbreak has caused some Asian Americans to experience a disturbing level of public scrutiny.

    • The city of Pittsburgh, the “sister city” of Wuhan, has been shaken by an outbreak and is sending aid to relatives and friends trapped in the midst of a deadly outbreak.

    • There was a race to contain the disease after a man’s cough became a confirmation of the first case in America.

    • Many of those who recently traveled to China isolate themselves in “self-quarantine” for 14 days.

    • Most experts agree: to protect yourself, wash your hands and avoid touching your face.

    • Affected by travel? Or do you know someone? Please contact us at [email protected] if you are ready to be contacted by a reporter or use your comments for the next story.

“The United States cannot allow people with Ebola to return,” said Mr. Trump He wrote on Twitter the next day, Adding: “People who go far to help are great – but they must bear the consequences!”

There were at least 634 injuries and deaths of two princess diamonds, which Japanese officials kept in isolation for two weeks at a port in Yokohama. This quarantine effort quickly spread the virus among passengers. The group of the ship is the largest concentration of coronavirus cases outside China, which justifies this Its own class In the data compiled by the World Health Organization.

US officials began a complex evacuation Sunday evening of 328 passengers aboard the Diamond Princess. All of this was examined by American medical experts and did not show any symptoms of coronavirus, Dr. William Walters, Managing Director of Operational Medicine at the State Department, and Dr. Robert Cadlake, Assistant Secretary of Preparation and Response at the Department of Health and Humans. Services, said on Monday during a phone call with reporters.

But as these passengers were transferred to Haneda airport in Tokyo early Monday morning, Japanese officials told their American counterparts that laboratory tests for 14 passengers were positive, Dr. Walters said. The tests were conducted two to three days ago, but US officials, who believe the timing of the results will be “unexpected” given the scale of the tests being conducted in Japan, evacuation began without all the results within reach.

Dr. Walters said that American passengers who had already been confirmed or had symptoms were sent to hospitals in Japan.

After learning that 14 passengers had shown positive results, US officials decided to treat the entire group that will leave Japan according to the protocols developed by the evacuated officials, Dr. Walters said. This meant continuing to transport people who had been afflicted but put them in isolation – behind plastic sheets about 10 feet long – in the back of the two planes that brought them back to the United States.

Dr. said On Monday, Walters said that he and Dr. Cadlake reviewed possible options after learning about the test results.

“Then the question was simply: Are those evacuees?” Dr. Walters said. “Should we follow our protocol? The answer to that was yes in both accounts.”

Dr. Kadlec added, “We have additional expertise and experienced eyes on these people and observation during the trip.”

The aircraft landed at Travis Air Force Base in California and Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Most of the 14 passengers who were later confirmed to have been transferred to Omaha for treatment and monitoring by experts at the University of Nebraska.

Since then, Japanese officials have informed US officials that several of the 328 passengers who have been returned have also proven infected with the Coronavirus. On Friday, US officials said At least 34 people within the United States carry the virus – 18 of them are Princess Diamonds. All 34 cases have been linked to travel abroad. There are no signs yet of the virus spreading to communities in the United States.

The US State Department is closely monitoring US citizens on the cruise ship Amsterdam in Cambodia, as well as Americans who have left and disembarked in hotels in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. These Americans are expected to travel forward at some point. An 83-year-old American woman traveled from the ship to Malaysia and tested positive for the Corona virus.

Dr. Walters said on Monday that 92 American citizens are still on board the ship in Amsterdam, while there were another 260 citizens in hotels in the Cambodian capital. He said about 300 US citizens have left the country, but “only after a test by the Cambodian Ministry of Health.”

When asked if the United States is considering arranging evacuation trips for hundreds of Americans in Cambodia or elsewhere, Dr. Walters did not provide a direct answer. He said the State Department is “closely following” the situation of US citizens in the places where the Coruna virus is spreading and citizens who “find it difficult to return to the United States due to turmoil in the international aviation industry, flights, and so on.”

Separately, State Department officials say that thousands of social media accounts linked to Russia publish misleading information about the Corona virus, including the conspiracy theory that says the United States is behind it.

American observers determined the campaign for the first time in mid-January. France Press agency mentioned Rating on Saturday.

Philip T. said. Reeker, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia: “Russia’s intention is to sow discord and undermine American institutions and alliances from within, including through malicious and coercive influence campaigns.” “By spreading misinformation about the Coruna virus, malicious Russian actors again choose to threaten public safety by diverting attention from the global health response.”

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