Check in late at night with Trump’s “Eat, Pray and Love for Himself” tour from Trump

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President Trump held a demonstration in Ahmedabad on Monday as part of his first state visit to India, or as Jimmy Kimmel described it, Trump “ate, prayed and loved himself for two days.”

“Say whatever you want about the man, but he does not care about standing. He has one suit that he irons by operating with his car, I think. He shoots the ball with his hands and is filmed in the middle seat of the bus – this is the only time he is in the middle . ” Matt Myers

“People are now asking a lot of the more difficult questions now – for example, Bernie Sanders now refuses to publish his full medical records. That’s right. Yes, the senator defended himself. He said:” It is not my fault, no one kept records during bubonic plague. ” Conan O’Brien

Jimmy Fallon took “Tonight Show” underground for a full view of the subway and inside Grand Central Station.

K-pop sensation BTS will enjoy Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on Tuesday night “The Late Late Show”.

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