Tesla criticized and industry at the hearing on the autopilot system

Tesla did not respond to the request for comment, but the company previously reported that Autopilot makes its cars safer. In the fourth quarter of 2019, The company mentioned One accident for every three million miles driven in Tesla with the autopilot involved. However, the national average was one accident for every 498,000 miles driven in 2017, According to N.H.T.S.A.

However, the electric car maker faces scrutiny on multiple fronts. The N.T.S.B. The Traffic Safety Department is currently investigating more than a dozen crashes that the autopilot may have a role.

In the 2018 accident, Autopilot was operating for about 19 minutes, according to the Safety Board investigation. Mr. Huang put his hands on the wheel several times during that period, and at the last minute before the crash, the car discovered his hands on the wheel three times for 34 seconds. He did not reveal his hands on the wheel in six seconds before the collision.

Tesla event data recorders routinely collect a wide range of information, such as location, speed, seatbelt status, driver seat position, steering wheel angle and throttle pressure.

Mr. Huang was traveling in his Tesla Model X 2017 sports car over 101 U.S. in Mountain View when the car hit an average barrier of about 71 mph. The speed limit was 65 mS. The collision blew up the car, which struck two other cars and set them alight.

Mr. Huang had previously complained to a family of problems with the autopilot along this highway, as investigators told his brother. Data from the vehicle confirmed at least one similar incident near the area dividing the two highways, according to investigation documents.

The first fatal collision with Autopilot in use occurred in May 2016 in Florida, when Tesla failed to stop a truck overturning in front of her on a Florida highway. The vehicle hit the trailer, continued to travel underneath it and veered off the road. The driver of that car, Joshua Brown, was killed in the accident.

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