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Bernie Sanders, who opposed the gun manufacturers’ immunity, says it was a bad vote

Blocks that killed nine people in 2015 in historic Charleston, S.C. during mass shootings at the Black Church, Democratic Presidential Leader, Senator Bernie Sanders On Tuesday night, Vermont clashed with a law that previously backed a law that granted gun manufacturers immunity from wrongful death trials.

Former Vice President R. Ozfe R. Biden Junior raised questions about his Senate colleague’s commitment to prevent gun violence; taking a similar booth as Hillary Clintonon the Democratic Party nomination contest 2016

He nullified his vote on Mr Sanders’ vote in 2005 to approve the “Protection of the Legal Trade in Weapons”, saying the law had thwarted efforts to hold gun manufacturers accountable after mass shootings.

“It has caused a massacre in our streets,” Mr Biden said during a debate at CBS and the Congressional Black Caucus in Charleston.

Mr Sanders has pledged to help try to repeal the law by acknowledging that it is not his best time.

“I have given a thousand votes, including bad ones,” Mr Sanders said. “It was a bad vote.”

Mr Sanders’ rivals also drew attention to his opposition to Brady Bill when he was a member of the US House of Representatives.

The law, called James James Brady, the White House press secretary who was nearly killed in a 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan – created a federal background check program and a mandatory five-day waiting period for gun purchases.

Mr. Sanders was in a hurry when he lost his 1988 title. The race to the US home after promising to support a ban on assault weapons.

“I am proud to have a D-minus voting record from N.R.A,” Mr Sanders said.

In 2018, Mr. Sanders received an F-grade National Rifle Association.

Former Mayor of New York Michael R. BloombergThe one who has spent his fortune on the fight against gun protection and has set up what is now a gun safety group says his six-million-strong organization has helped with background checks in 20 states. He has accused federal lawmakers of failing to act on the issue.

“I don’t know why we think they can do it,” Mr Bloomberg said.

Here’s an example:

SUGGESTION: Because I am the only one who has ever done it nationally. I beat the N.R.A. Twice: Offensive weapons were banned. I got magazines that couldn’t handle more than 10 rounds of them. I deleted them. Except in Florida, we had something called an election, a choice of hanging cabinets, and it didn’t change. Besides, I went through the waiting times for Brady Bill. I led that struggle. But to my right, my friend and others, in fact, have given the gun makers immunity too. Imagine if I was standing here saying that we would give immunity to pharmaceutical companies. We would give immunity to tobacco companies. It has caused massacres in our streets. 150 million people have been killed since 2007 when Bernie voted to free gun manufacturers from liability. More than any other war this time, including Vietnam. Nudity in our streets. And I want to tell you if I was elected. N.R.A., I’m coming for you and arms manufacturers, I’m going to take you, and I’m going to beat you. I’m the only one who has done it.

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