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Update on the Graduate Student Strike in the US. Santa Cruz

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My partner Team Arango: He recently wrote about a man who had gone to save one of the state’s oldest newspapers. The story of the man brought heartfelt answers, including the Team itself.

Here’s his send-up on how the piece was assembled.

A few weeks ago I drove to Sierra to visit Dunevil, an old gold mining town that was crossing the banks of the Juba River for a long time because I had heard a remarkable story: As a local retiree applied to save the city’s newspaper, Mountain Messenger. , just as it was going to close after 166 years of publication.

Among us pieceWe introduced you to former California economist Carl Buttz, a 71-year-old working economist and Savior of the Mountain Messenger, buying it at a “four-figure price” plus some debt assumptions.

Mr. Buz is a fourth-generation Californian whose grandfather came to California from 1852 in Ohio, probably with the dream of striking it rich during the Golden Rush.

Mr. Buz is also in the grief of losing his wife, Cecilia Kuhi, who was a drummer in the Frightwig group of the Bay Area feminist punk band in 2017. And as I was spending time looking at him and skipping the first issue of the paper, he told me that while he was happy that he was saving something special for the community, those efforts were also saving him.

“He would be proud of me,” he said.

[Read[Readthe:[Կարդացեք[Readthefull story here.]

Local newspapers bring their best communities together and connect them with generations of families, and that’s how the longtime residents of Dunville and the surrounding Sierra County describe it. Each expressed great weakness and gratitude that Mr Butt had saved the paper.

I was very familiar with it. After college, my first job was a weekly editor and publisher in Vermont, The Essex Journalistwhich, fortunately, still operates, since about 1800 local newspapers have been closed since 2004, study published by the University of North Carolina. The best advice I got then was pretty straightforward: Get as many kids’ names as possible for each problem, from diplomas to minor league games to school performances.

The story has touched many readers who responded to us with notes or directly to Mr. Buttz, offering their input on the paper or asking how they might subscribe.

One of the readers who paid particular attention to our story was Ken Garrett, a Beverly Hills entertainment lawyer. Hanging on the wall of his office is the first page of the Messenger, dated 1883. December 1st. One of his ancestors appears to have been the owner of the newspaper.

“I had no idea that it was still being published, or that it was the oldest California weekly,” wrote Mr. Gareth.

For a long time the paper was definitely analog, with no website or social media presence.

Recently, Messenger, under the editorship of Mr Bouzi, took the first delicate step into the digital age by creating a Twitter account under the name of paper. @TheMountainMess:.

We often link to sites that restrict access for non-subscribers. We appreciate your Times’ coverage of your reading, but we also encourage you to support local news whenever possible.

  • Lawyers and medical experts have helped identify at least 50 deaths Campfirewhich, since its official death in 85, is already deadly in state history. And people are still dying from complications such as respiratory problems and mental distress. According to experts, it is very important to consider them victims of disasters. [[[[Chico Enterprise-Record:]

  • In low-income neighborhoods in Southern and Central California, Thousands of people live in bed and rats infected with the same landlordA man named Mike Nijar. Its rise shows how profitable the downstream rental market can be.[[[[KPCC / LAist:]

  • Three women died after crossing the border and disappear into the rough, remote area of ​​the San Diego area.[[[[San Diego Union-Tribune]

  • Third Day of Graduation Student Strike at University of California, Santa Cruz, California Police arrest at least 17 people during tense, 24-hour suspension with hundreds of demonstrators.[[[[Santa Cruz Sentinel:]

Student teaching assistants partially demand higher wages to cover higher housing costs. If you missed it, read more about why they are on strike.[[[[The New York Times:]

  • Hundreds Berkeley High School students came out class to complain about what they have described as a department that does not adequately protect students from sexual harassment.[[[[Berkeley]

  • Construction is underway By high-speed rail between Merced and Bakersfield. This week, railroad officials tried to file a case to fill that line as an intermediate step in connecting San José Valley and San Jose.[[[[Fresno bee]

  • By Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles signed a decree reflecting the city’s response to the climate crisis. This includes getting people out of their cars.[[[[Closed in Los Angeles]

Read more about LA’s ambitious, wide-ranging “New Green Deal”.[[[[The New York Times:]

  • Eff ef Bezos has acquired the famous nine-acre Beverly Hills property with gardens, several hotels and a tennis court known as Warner Estate for $ 165 million. It is a record for the LA area.[[[[The Wall Street Journal]

  • Cruise companies see China as a major growth market. The $ 45 billion industry is now facing a huge challenge with Coronavirus.[[[[The New York Times:]

  • Frisini in Los Angeles – Star Art Fair, returns for the second year. Some members of the local art community are concerned that it is a less unique stage gadget. Others say the rising tide lifts all ships.[[[[KCRW:]

Read more about what Fresz last year in LA said about his whereabouts in the city’s art world.[[[[The New York Times:]

  • “Presenting the Mission of Van” says a sales brochure. But can the neighborhood be the new name?[[[[The San Francisco Chronicle]

  • The peninsula opened in Mexico is known worldwide Bajan was formerly known as California. It was the first time it was named. And some people who live there want to restore it.[[[[The Los Angeles Times]

  • The week of Modernism will start this weekend in Palm Springs. Enjoy an exhibition called “Tables of the Atomic Age”, and mix classic medieval cocktails.[[[[Desert sun]

Earlier this week, residents of a town in the Hudson River engaged in a splendid ritual in which they spread bananas on a puppy known as Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show:.

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