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Asteroid As Effective As 10 Billion Atomic Bombs From The WWII Might Have Wiped Out The Dinosaurs

Asteroid As Effective As 10 Billion Atomic Bombs From The WWII Might Have Wiped Out The Dinosaurs

Scientists have found proof that the impression of an asteroid as highly effective as 10 billion World War II-era atomic bombs prompted the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The 7.5-mile (12-km) large asteroid struck the Earth 66 million years in the past and prompted 75% of life on the planet to turn into extinct, in line with research led by the University of Texas and published within the PNAS journal. It’s thought the occasion triggered wildfires over 900 miles away, in addition to sparking a devastating tsunami.

Many dinosaurs would have died that day. However, others could have perished from the atmospheric fall-out that followed. Scientists assume the earth cooled dramatically after sulfur was launched into the atmosphere, blocking the sun and killing off life.

The brand new research was based mostly on rocks collected off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in 2016 from the Chicxulub influence site.

 The mission offered a wonderful opportunity for geologists to learn the “rock record,” as 130 meters of rock within the crater represented the events of the only day when the asteroid struck. Sometimes, one centimeter of rock represents every 1,000 years.

 Gulick and his group concluded — from the abundance of sulfur-rich rocks close to the crater and their absence inside it — that the asteroid should have vaporized any sulfur beforehand present.

 They estimate that about 325 billion metric tons or more of sulfur had been ejected into the environment after the large rock’s impact. Which is higher than four orders of magnitude than the quantity released by Krakatoa’s eruption in 1883, which prompted 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit standard temperature drop for five years.

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