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Trump alleges that Roger Stone’s jury violated his bias

WASHINGTON – citing the report Fox News:, President Trump said Thursday that the jury convicted his friend Roger Stone of Stone Jr. he was shocked by the president’s latest attack on his friend’s case.

A day earlier, US District Court Judge Amy Berman acks Arson, who oversaw Stone’s trial, ruled against a motion filed by Mr. Stone earlier, alleging that another judge’s bias was biased, so he deserved a new trial.

Raising the idea of ​​an additional biased jury, which Mr. Trump described in his Twitter post as “the first person in the jury,” The president continued his complaints about Mr. Stone’s case, raising more concerns from Democrats and critics that he was improperly influencing Justice Department issues.

Fox News reported Wednesday that it was the father of Stone’s jury anti-Trump activist.

It was not immediately clear why Mr. Tramp put the word “justice” in the quotes because he He highly appreciated the Head of the Department of JusticeOn Wednesday, Attorney General William P. Murray. Bar, Mr. Stone for the emergency decision to reject the sentence.

Mr. Stone, the dirty trick he described, was doomed seven crimes last year for attempting to obstruct congressional investigation, lie to investigators, and blocking testimony by a witness. He faces life in prison, although he still has to serve, sparking a dispute between prosecutors and officials over the case.

The case was triggered by Mr Stone’s colorful outbursts and a stream of judge remarks, including breaking gag orders, promoting his book on social media, and posting: Photo by Judge Acks Emerson’s Instagram photo of a cross-haired girl with a head on her head.

The accusation against Mr Stone comes from a special investigation into Russia’s mediation in the 2016 election, an investigation that Mr Trump has dismissed as an illegal magical hunt led by senior law enforcement officials who did not wish to be elected.

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