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Extension of House of Representatives votes to ratify equal rights amendment

Just five Republicans – Utah Representatives Cohn Curtis, Rodney Davis of Illinois, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Tom Reed of New York and Jeff Jeff Drew of New Jersey – all joined the Democrats.

Many Democratic women wore apricots in the House of Commons to discuss and cast their votes on this criterion, slipping into apricot beads that were worn with their oversized white outfits.

“Millions of American women face law and inequality in their work and life,” spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said in a speech before the vote. “It’s not just about women, it’s about America. The E.R.A. will strengthen America by unleashing the full power of women in our economy and upholding the value of equality in our democracy. “

Republican opponents insist the change is inappropriate, as the 14th Amendment already guarantees equal treatment under all laws. They noted that five states – Nebraska, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky and South Dakota – attempted to revoke ratification in the 1970s.

And they warned that this would lead to an expansion of abortion rights.

“This is an open door to abortion, with no restrictions, no government intervention. In fact, the government will pay for it, ”warned Georgia Representative Doug Collins, a senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee.

Students for Life, which organizes college students for a break-in, also launched a call campaign, urging members to lobby their representatives to oppose the change.

“Equal rights change has nothing to do with equal rights and everything related to abortion, that’s why we call it ‘everything related to abortion’, the group said Website «E.R.A. it’s just a Trojan Horse with a taxpayer-funded abortion claim, and abortion advocates openly admit it. “

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