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The administration is to transfer billions from the Pentagon to the Fund’s boundary wall

“I will support the president on this, but I hope they find the money elsewhere,” he said.

However, some Republicans whose regions will be affected by the resettlement process said they supported the president’s move and blamed Democrats’ reluctance to fund the wall. The plan will also take money earmarked for the purchase of the F-35 fighter jets, which were built in Fort Worth County by actor Kay Granger from Texas, the highest Republican on the House Appropriations Committee.

“The Democrats have refused to work with us on border security, forcing the president to redirect funds from other defense programs in the short term to secure the southern border,” Mrs. Granger said in a statement, adding that she was confident of that. Jobs in and around her area would be protected. “The president has come up with a reasonable approach that provides the necessary funding to tackle the border crisis without endangering our national security.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Mitchell, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said that the Department of Homeland Security last month asked for help in preventing drug trafficking corridors, and $ 3.8 billion would be used to build about 177 miles of the fence.

“We will continue to support D.H.S.,” said Colonel Mitchell, and other agencies as needed to keep our home safe.

With the introduction of the new scheme on Thursday, the administration will allocate more than $ 10 One billion is beyond what the Congress has allocated to the wall, to be moved from military construction, drug control and other programs. Democrats said that Mr Trump was forced to resort to a “back-end” method to fund the wall because Congress has repeatedly rejected his requests for funds to pay for it.

“While some of our Republican colleagues mourn the president’s decision, they enabled this theft by obstructing our efforts to prevent the president from raiding defense accounts,” said Neta M. Lowe, New York Democrat and Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, said Pete Veskowski, an Indiana Democrat and Chair of the Subcommittee that deals with defense financing, in a joint statement.

Mr. Wyslowski sent a message to the Pentagon denying the request, but the gesture may be ignored. Democratic Senators also raised concerns in a letter he sent to Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper, declaring that this step “is controversial, but toxic to the relationship we seek in matters of national defense.”

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