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Galentin’s day is everywhere. Here’s why.

In the middle of February afternoon, dozens of women, mostly in their 20s and 30s, stepped onto the roof of a Manhattan hotel, dressed in pink lunch clothes, pink tank tops, pink eye shadows, and even pink hair. Cascading heart banners from the entrance. The sangria flowed freely, the mimosa tape was stored, and the pancakes were limitless.

There was one notable absence: the boys. They were not allowed to.

This was not a Valentine’s Day celebration. Galatin’s concert was for “Ladies Celebrating Women.” February 14 is still dedicated to romantic relationships. However, if you are not at one, the February 13 week revolves around fraternity – and increasingly, as companies notice this trend, marketing.

But with more women adopting Gallatin as an annual traditional habit – undoubtedly helping to provide “parks and recreation” through live broadcasts – companies are pouring in money.

Hallmark Now presents Galentine ornaments and greeting cards – “O Lady,” one reads, “How are you so cool?” Party City He sells glittering Gallentine banners, along with “frying men” paper cups. On And EtsyGalentine handicrafts are abundant, including cards, balloons, buttons, hair ties and womb sweets.

Bars, cafes, boutiques and fitness studios also host their Galentine shows and events.

“It is impossible in America for anything to enter culture and therefore not be entertained with basic commodities,” said Michael Shore, creator and executive producer of Parks and Recreation. The method is sometimes used, but I am glad that it is used at all because this means that it struck a chord with people. “

Mr Schur first noticed the extension of “Galentine’s Day” years ago, with ads on “Twitter” and signs about Los Angeles offering customers “free margaritas” from Galentine in honor of the informal holiday.

He said: “Anytime you write down anything that you type, this disparate culture that we commit, hunt and repeat, is fine.” “But it was also strange to see some kind of a little bit deformed and turn it into this thing that brands, websites and companies use to sell off everything that is roaming around. Because clearly this was not intended.”

Mr. Shore, whose other series includes “Office, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Good Place”, didn’t see much of the other detail from its offerings, as is the case with Galentine. “Treat Yo Self”, another “Parks and Rec”, has entered somewhat into the public lexicon – and other festivals of comic origins, such as Festivus of “Seinfeld”, are not recognized but are no longer widely celebrated.

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