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Gunman shoots in Bangkok, Thailand rocked after massacre

BANGKOK (Reuters) – An armed man who arrested several rounds of people in Bangkok after a confrontation was arrested on Friday, in an incident that caused concern for a country still saddened by the heaviest group fire in Thailand.

There were no injuries or deaths in the shooting, which started in the early morning hours at the man who police It was identified to the local media as Ekkachai Charueksilp, He started to shoot shots from his home over a sports equipment store in a district of central Bangkok.

The gunman fired at least 20 rounds, resulting in a six-hour standoff with police officers on a street cordoned off to the public. The confrontation ended after the police asked for help from the man’s relatives and sent a team to mediate with the gunman.

Colonel Chrisana Pattanakroon, spokesman for the Royal Thai Police, said the gunman eventually surrendered and was being questioned about his motives.

The colonel said that the gunman had told investigators in initial interviews that the shooting was driven by family problems.

“Maybe he was under pressure and couldn’t find a way out.”

The bullets shattered the early morning calm in the quiet neighborhood near Chulalongkorn University, causing people to flee in the area. Witnesses said the gunman opened fire in the air and at people.

The shooting followed The heaviest group fire in Thailand, as a Thai soldier began an 18-hour-long shooting in the northeastern city of Korat on Saturday, killing at least 29 people and wounding 58 others.

Hundreds of shoppers fled and hid inside a mall before the soldier, dressed in military clothes, was killed by police officers on Sunday morning. Prayot Chan Ocha, the country’s prime minister, said the soldier was angry at a dispute on the ground.

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