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KFC Joins The New Fast-Food Menu Item Of Donut Buns With Fried Chicken Sandwich

KFC Joins The New Fast-Food Craze Of Donut Buns With Fried Chicken Sandwich

If a fried chicken sandwich tastes nice because the latest Popeye’ s-Chick-fil-A wars played up, and if a donut tastes nice, then why not mix them into one tasty sandwich?

Funny it’s best to ask because KFC is doing it right now in chosen markets. The “Chicken and Donuts” sandwich is an element of an entire set of chicken and donuts menu rolled out in test markets in Virginia and Pittsburgh.

This, from the identical fast-food chain that lately examined plant-based chicken—Beyond Fried Chicken—in a single market in Georgia to cater to the plant-based consuming trend…regardless of barely having an only vegetable-like option on the menu.

However, for each action, there’s a response, and possibly that is it? Social media reactions to this new chicken and donut menu are swinging between “I would like this” and “does that include a black box warning label?”

You may get a basket that gives up one or two donuts nestled after fried chicken tenders or chicken on the bone. Or you will get it all set up in sandwich format, with the donut where the bun would ordinarily be. The concept is to check the appetite for it, so to talk, in just a few areas after which see about rolling it out, in line with a press release.

None of those locations happens to be a spot where firms are required by law to list Nutritionals. And the company “doesn’t have nutritional data at the moment.”

It’s not the first one to pair fried chicken with donuts—quite a few retailers have been doing this already, together with Bagock Fried Chicken and Donuts, Sam’s Fried Chicken & Donuts, Federal Donuts, and quite a few others.

KFC does say that “customers are more and more in search of novel, crave-able flavor mixtures that give them the very best of each candy and savory worlds to create a novel taste experience.” There are different methods to get it. Try raisins in curry, and kettle corn for starters.

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