Environment: Starting March 1, Auchan will offer 100% compostable plant fiber trays!

Pork meat packed in a polystyrene tray. Photo credit: Shutterstock / New Africa

55 million! This is the number of plastic and polystyrene trays that should disappear from Auchan’s meat and fish department! Great news for the environment… Auchan recently signed a partnership with the Alliance Packaging Group and Silver Plastics to create 100% compostable vegetable fiber trays.

The roll-out in all Auchan stores in France will take place from March 1, 2021 … You will no longer have to throw your white, black or blue trays into the household waste … You can pay them directly to your Bokashi or your garden compost!

Thanks to this change to compostable trays, Auchan will allow a plastic saving of 1,100 tons each year. Since the beginning of 2020, numerous tests have been carried out to be able to deploy this new process …

Auchan already offered compostable vegetable pockets and bulk shelves for legumes, starches, etc. It is therefore the continuation of its commitment to the environment with its compostable trays!

Fruits and vegetables in containers. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Arctic ice

Sugar cane to replace plastic

The 100% vegetable trays are made of materials such as sugar cane waste. Free of any glue, they are certified as compostable at home … It will take until 2022 for the film and the label to also be compostable … Meanwhile, the tray in the compost and the film in the trash … A Starting in July, these trays will also be manufactured in Europe …

According to the tests carried out, these zero plastic trays would even allow better food consumption. One more day to fish, for example. All Auchan department trays will be compostable! One more step towards 100% compostable, reusable, recyclable that the group sets for the end of the year 2022 … The Planet will breathe a little better: Thanks Auchan!