How to save paper? And a gesture for the environment !!

In the economy and recycling category, there is an element that we sometimes forget: paper! Reducing waste in the kitchen or bathroom is already a good thing. But paper is a precious asset that you have to know how to use wisely and above all save it …

At a time when telecommuting has become the daily routine of many employees, unnecessary printing is legion… Do you think before you buy? Think also before printing or scribbling on paper! Print useful and responsible with these tips, the environment will thank you!

Sending document

It is tempting to print a newly created document to get an idea of ​​the paper size. But is it really necessary? Also, will the recipient surely print it too? Even if the mailing is also responsible for some environmental pollution, it is less compared to unnecessary paper printing! Is it really necessary to print all 500 pages of your report? Ask yourself the right questions, maybe ten pages would be enough to highlight your work?

What print to choose?

Prints consume a lot of paper, but also ink! So prefer to print in black and white, draft (or economy) mode, and the Ryman Eco font – on average 33% cheaper than the default font! If it is a draft to correct, remove the margins on your documents … Will this reduce the number of sheets?

Recto-Verse is better!

Most documents are printed on the front … And the back remains blank … By printing on both sides, you inevitably save paper. And if you absolutely want the front side only, use the back to take your handwritten notes and then recycle your paper. It is also possible to print two pages to one sheet, further reducing paper consumption by 50%.

Printing in black and white, front / back and two pages in one is 75% less paper.

Other tips?

Who has never printed a document multiple times due to forgotten spelling mistakes! Activate the automatic correction, even if it does not correct everything, it allows you to avoid typographical errors for example.

If you are a fan of taking notes on paper, use the advertising notebooks that are left in your mailboxes… Or better yet, invest in a RocketBook, this reusable notepad that we show you here!