IKEA presents tutorials and disassembly diagrams so you can keep your furniture for longer

IKEA has almost 500 stores around the world … The Swedish giant is also one of the biggest furniture sellers. According to Boursorama, IKEA had a turnover of 9,000 million euros in 2000 … In 20 years this turnover has risen to more than 38,000 million euros.

A worldwide success driven by the quality of the furniture sold, but also by the brand’s environmental policy. Respect for the environment and product sustainability are IKEA’s strong points. Undoubtedly, this is why they are now proposing disassembly plans… To make the furniture last even longer.

Admittedly, when it comes to moving, disassembling a piece of furniture that has been in place for 10 or 15 years can be difficult. Above all, improper disassembly can lead to furniture damage. IKEA might think it’s pretty good for your business, but it prefers to come up with takedown plans.

The goal of this maneuver is to make furniture even more durable for consumers. They offer 6 disassembly kits:

You can find all the decommissioning plans on the dedicated page of the IKEA site. An original and practical idea that will make it easier for many consumers and will prevent breakage during disassembly.

all teardown plans on the dedicated page of the IKEA site. Photo credit: IKEA (screenshot from official website)

In December 2020, IKEA decided to end the printing of its paper catalog, which was running in tens of millions of copies. Always with an environmental approach that aims to be exemplary.

These decommissioning plans will save us time and money too! Image Credit: IKEA

Plastics have also disappeared from IKEA packaging with the goal of using only recycled plastics or plastics from renewable sources by 2030. These decommissioning plans will therefore save us time and money too!