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Nicole Taylor
Health News Expert

Nicole is an expert in physical fitness routines. She is the editor of the Health column. Being a complete fitness enthusiast, Nicole mainly writes about fitness regimes. Besides, she is a yoga instructor. In the meantime, she can be found in the attached gymnasium working out. Her enthusiasm is one of the main factors that hold her team together. She is a woman with high expectations and has an excellent taste in the trending styles. She has been with the group for five years.

Address: 3701 Hull Street Rd, Richmond, VA 23224
 [email protected]
Phone:+1 866-460-8920

Linda Grace
Science News Expert

Linda holds a Ph.D. in biotechnology. She is a bookworm and is leading the Science column. Her education makes it easier for Linda to understand the content in details, and accurately puts them together in news stories. She takes her work very professionally.

In her leisure time, Linda can be found in the library, looking for topics for her future articles. She is in the journalism field for more than a decade.

Address: 7752 Chippenham Pkwy, Richmond, VA 23225
 [email protected]
Phone : +1 866-987-6452

Anthony McKnight
Business News Expert

Anthony is a Master’s in Business Administration studies, and now his focus is entirely on the business world. He has been working with the organization for six years. His knowledge about the business and market sector makes him the lead of the column.

Anthony’s hobbies involve reading various business magazines. His optimistic nature makes him an idol for his teammates.

Address: 2304 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond, VA 23222
 [email protected]
Phone: +1 866-741-3547

William Segrest
Technology News Expert

William is a Computer Science graduate and has exceptional knowledge of various tech. His articles is a safari for readers in the technological world. The pieces are always written in proper pointers so that the readers can understand the specifications clearly. He is the editor of the Technology column and has an experience of over two decades in the technology field.

Address: 2901 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond, VA 23222
 [email protected]
Phone: +1 866-562-2365

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