Plastic odyssey, embark on a collective maritime conquest against plastic pollution!

This happy maritime brigade has set itself the goal of developing plastic recovery circuits – recycling centers – all over the world to prevent plastic waste from ending up at sea!

An initiative launched more than three years ago by Simon Bernard, a former Brittany Ferries merchant marine officer, faced with the alarming observation of plastic pollution in the last thirty years. This observation unleashed a legitimate and common rage, a stroke of brilliance that our hero of the seas, Captain Haddock, would not have denied.

Simon Bernard, © Stéphane Tourné

1000 trillion thousands of plastics!

Since the invention of plastic, 6.3 billion tons of waste have been produced. And only 9% was recycled. The rest are found in open landfills, rivers, on shores, and ultimately… in the ocean. “Brest Thunder Waffle Mold,” says Captain Haddock, who has probably never caught a waffle mold, while our generation could open a giant hardware store!

Another observation is that today we also know that 80% of marine pollution comes from the coastal towns of the poorest countries. In these regions, collection and recycling systems are often non-existent due to lack of resources. In addition, these countries receive part of the waste from the northern countries. Therefore, the plastic ends its course in the ocean.

Fight against plastic pollution

Starting next spring, the team of twenty explorers of change: sailors, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artisans, artists and even citizens, will set sail to sail the seas aboard an extraordinary ship: a 40-meter search boat. turned into a motorized and plastic recycling workshop, guess how? …

Thanks to plastic waste, of course! They will meet people from all over the world for three years, with the aim of inspiring and raising awareness among citizens or even creating the creation of plastic recycling centers around the world.

Welcome aboard the Plastic Odyssey ship!

The Plastic Odyssey ship is the first ship to transform plastic waste into fuel and other items resulting from recycling. Designed as a laboratory for new solutions, it has 200 m2 of technical space on board, such as a plastic recycling workshop, as well as zero waste living areas: kitchen, cabins, work spaces, etc. All these spaces are equipped with natural or recycled materials. materials, and designed so that the crew can live there for 3 years without generating plastic waste.

Image credit: @plastic odyssey

All aboard for a collective and collaborative journey!

Boarding and departure to Dunkerque, next spring for a Tour de France to Marseille. The pirates involved will welcome project haulers on board their ship who wish to experiment and develop solutions for recycling plastic waste.

Your ambition? Unite the actors of change to share good ideas, multiply local initiatives around the world and accelerate the transition to a world free of plastics! – That’s all !

Get on board Plastic Odyssey!

The crew – © Plastic Odyssée

Take your chance! Are you developing an open source plastic waste recovery solution, want to share your knowledge, and want to embark – and why not limit yourself – on the Plastic Odyssey ship? You have until February 15 to join their incubation program by applying at: